Fuel Cell Vehicles
Currently there are only two vehicles available in US with fuel cell technology: Honda Clarity and Toyota Mirai. Below are their fuel economy figures according to EPA. They provide good fuel efficieny with around 66 miles per gallon equivalent combined fuel consumption according to EPA figures. However, the technology is not yet widely adopted and the infrastructure only ready in limited locations around California.

Honda Clarity (left) and Toyota Mirai (right).

Combined MPGe*
City MPG
Highway MPG
Range (miles)
Honda Clarity
Toyota Mirai

*MPGe = Miles per gallon equivalent.
Fuel Cell Technology
Fuel cell technology is one of the solutions currently being developed for the problem of exhaust emissions from vehicles burning fossil fuels. Currently there are limited applications and availability. There are 36 hydrogen stations across US and all are in California, mostly in Los Angeles and San Francisco areas.

You can find latest updates on stations and their locations in the Alternative Fuels Data Center's
Hydrogen Stations page .

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