About Greenautochoice.com

Our Mission:
Our mission is to make it easier for people to understand and compare current vehicles sold in the US market and to present them a good general vision about the technological possibilities and options currently available locally and globally in order to enable them to select more efficient vehicles.

Our Vision:
We are aiming to fulfil our mission by presenting comparisons of vehicles in tables, diagrams and other ways and also by analyzing current models individually. We look for better economy which is beneficial both for the consumer and the environment.

Mission Insight:
This site is about selecting the most efficient vehicle that is right for you. Current options for power are conventional internal combustion engines that run on gas (and E85) or diesel fuel, hybrids with or without plug-in capability that use an ICE engine together with an electric motor, purely electric vehicles that run only on battery power and fuel cell vehicles that use hydrogen as fuel. Each have their own pros and cons as technological choices. However, there is also variations in each category in the fuel efficiency of the vehicles presented to the customer. We compare them all according to vehicle classes and according to technologies.
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