All the passenger vehicles in different categories in US listed from best to worst mpg figures

Hybrid pickup trucks: Listed from best to worst. 6 pickups.
Diesel pickup trucks: From best to worst. 13 vehicles.
Hybrid SUVs: 14 vehicles listed from best mpg to worst.
Hybrid cars: All the 30 vehicles listed from best to worst. Ranges.
Plug-in hybrid cars : All the 21 cars with plug-in hybrid powertrains
Plug-in hybrid SUVs: The 9 plug-in SUVs
Fuel cell cars: The two cars sold in US.
Electric cars and SUVs: All the 23 cars and SUVs sold in US.
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This site is about selecting the most efficient vehicle that is right for you. Current options for power are conventional internal combustion engines that run on gas (and E85) or diesel fuel, hybrids with or without plug-in capability that use an ICE engine together with an electric motor, purely electric vehicles that run only on battery power and fuel cell vehicles that use hydrogen as fuel. Each have their own pros and cons as technological choices. However, there is also variations in each category in the fuel efficiency of the vehicles presented to the customer. We compare them all according to vehicle classes and according to technologies.
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